We've been providing big agency groups, FTSE 100 corporations and not-for-profits with a pragmatic, honest and reliable print management service in Bristol from the mid 90’s but our industry experience goes back way before that.

Our reputation has been built on a firm belief that the devil's in the detail - everything we do is meticulously researched, managed and implemented to meet the client brief. We find the right suppliers for the job, negotiate the best rates based on a million and one different variables, and ensure success across every aspect of delivery.

Which is a long way of saying that we're brilliant at making clients' print problems go away.




Back in the roaring 90’s, businesses used their annual Report & Accounts documents to show off to the city how big and important they were. Huge production values, sophisticated production techniques, embossing and debossing, perfect binding, legal teams of hundreds checking and triple checking each page. We started TaskerStone in order to manage these amazing corporate print jobs, and learnt quickly to get it right first time every time.

We found that doing something bespoke is a whole different ballgame to high volume print management; it’s about having the experience and knowledge to know who is the absolute best supplier for each element of the job. And it’s why we specialise in managing low volume, high value direct mail, and one-off campaign jobs across our client base better than anyone else.



The majority of what we do is about squeezing every bit of value out of print suppliers on behalf of our clients. We’ll always negotiate the best price as part of our service, but more importantly we’ll leverage the relationships we’ve built with these suppliers over the years to deliver the best solution to you. It’s not about battering margins, it’s about solving a problem, adding value and saving you some money along the way.



When it comes to direct mail, the cost to post can be more expensive than the cost to print. And with over 60 license holders now collecting, sorting and distributing mail in the UK, selecting the best provider for each job isn’t easy. So we’ll do it for you by using  the best provider with the best discounts for your job. Savings could be in the region of thousands of pounds, just by tweaking who sorts, picks up and drops off your dm.



We’ve got a great big, highly secure 9,000sq metre storage facility just outside Bristol, staffed by a team with years of experience in handling a multitude of products – from marketing collateral to corporate gifts.  We coordinate fast and efficient receipt of goods on a daily basis with a flexible booking system, and offer long and short-term storage solutions.

This is important because storage and distribution of your print can be expensive, and by offering to manage it ourselves we are able to control costs on your behalf, thus eliminating another potentially irksome addition to your original job quote.



Our complete mailing service includes polywrapping, machine folding, machine envelope insertion, inkjet printing, laser printing, direct mailing, postal services (both domestic and foreign mail) and data processing.

We also provide smart fulfilment and packing solutions with expert advice to minimise costs and maximise savings.  Whether contract, ad-hoc or e-fulfilment we manage marketing items from goods-in and pick-n-pack to shipping and returns handling.



Our web-to-print dashboard means that you can create, customise and distribute print directly from your desktop, tablet or mobile. Hosted in the cloud and accessed via the web, it’s the perfect solution for reviewing and approving time-critical design work too. And because the system is programmed into Tasker Stone’s print management database, much of the process is automated, simplifying workflow and cutting delivery times in half.

It syncs with a dedicated online stock system allowing a high degree of control over users to ensure spend controls and approvals are enforced. Every order is tracked and audited, providing transparency at all times.

A virtual version of us, if you like.


The needs of a marketing agency can be very different from those of a corporation or a not-for-profit organisation. We’ve got the knowledge, experience and contacts needed to give clients in any sector total piece of mind when it comes to managing their print.




A close working relationship is essential when you are dealing with demands on timing, cost and quality. We understand the creative process, giving both designers and account managers the support they need. Detailed market intelligence means that you’ll be among the first to know about industry developments and we are genuinely independent, with no restrictions on the services or suppliers we can find and manage.




Saving time, reducing costs, improving quality and maintaining brand integrity are important goals for any organisation. Meeting those goals depends entirely on relationships and market knowledge. We work across functions like procurement, marketing departments and brand management to make sure every contract is completed skilfully and successfully - on time, every time - to budget and specification.




Annual income is vital to every Charity and we understand how important it is to maximise the direct marketing production spend associated with that income. When it comes to recruitment, individual giving and legacy appeals, our specialist knowledge in the sector will get you best value for money not just from your printed pack but also from your artwork and postage spend too. In addition, our VAT expertise ensures that your budget stretches as far as it possibly can, maximising spend and increasing ROI.


The Brief

Be it written, verbal or pictorial, we have a real knack of being able to quickly cut through the brief and get a production-eye’s view on things. Understanding the project requirement, asking the questions that need asking and filling in the detail is what makes the difference between order processors and expert print managers. We’ll look at format or material alternatives if we think it’s appropriate and advise accordingly.

Job Analysis

Drilling down into the non-specific nitty-gritty is what’s sometimes needed and we are happy to do just that; we’ll run a quick sanity check on the budget and schedule requirement and if it doesn’t smell right, now’s the time to challenge it. Additionally, a full and frank understanding of your expectation is what’s wanted here; believe us, the project development and final job will be all the better for it.

The Spec

Converting the brief and analysis into a spec; it might sound like a different language and it’s full of jargon, but printers speak is what we do all day every day, so we can be absolutely certain that the onward supply chain totally understands what it is we’re asking them to do – no ambiguity, no omissions just a properly crafted print specification – that’s the only way we can be 100% we’re going to get an accurate all-inclusive price.

The Tender

With hundreds of suppliers to choose from and an even greater number of capability variables, our skill is in approaching the right supplier(s) with the most appropriate enquiries at the right time. Our e-system tendering system selects, emails and gathers back in quote responses from as wide or narrow a range as we see fit for each and every job part. That’s the only sure-fire way of guaranteeing you’re going to get best value from what is a diverse and ever-changing industry.

Cost Collation

Because it’s on-line, we have an at-a-glance comparison of all the costs on every job from every supplier, no spread sheets, no paper trail, no emails; everything in one place exactly as it should be. Because we’ve preselected from the system, we know that we’ve gone out to the right suppliers and that everyone’s quoted on the same specification – it’s a level playing field, so all we have to do is get the quote back to you for approval and appoint the
best-priced supplier.


On time every time: that’s the way to keep our clients happy. There’s nothing that can beat a bit or pre-production booking and once we’ve established your critical key dates then we’ll publish client and supplier facing schedules. But there are sometimes dark forces at work and key client dates get missed, we understand that and will do everything we can to meet the original deadline – of course sometimes that just not possible, so we’ll work it through with you and get to a new agreed completion date and stick to it!

The Order

It’s all a bit boring and if the devil’s in the detail then we must have forked tails because as far as paperwork is concerned this stuff is vital. Instructing suppliers to proceed with a Purchase Order is a legally binding document and it’s got to be right. As for clients, they get an order acknowledgement so they know exactly what it is we intend to produce – and it’s all system generated so you can be certain that it’s as accurate as the latest quote input.


There’s nothing quite like going through the job at artwork handover stage face to face; So we love to meet up, compare what we actually have with what we were expecting, amend and finalise the costs if need be, understand any special requirements, sign off on materials & mock –ups and make sure there are no gremlins in the system; we don’t like surprises and nor do
our clients.


This is where our expertise really comes into it’s own, we’ll take responsibility for everything from repro through to proofing, approval and on-press colour management. We make sure that all your specific job requirements are carried out right first time. Every client is different; some want to be part of the process others don’t and both are fine. However much you’re involvement we’ll keep you informed of progress every step of the way.

The Delivery

Nearly there now but this can catch you out unless you’re careful, it’s the area of least interest and least glamour but it’s often the one of most importance. Easily overlooked, but paperwork, destination accuracy and timing are paramount. We’ll make sure everything is in place to complete your project. File copies in to you followed by an accurate approved invoice completes the journey.


    Fight for sight’s Direct Marketing Manager explains why Tasker Stone are his go-to print supplier:

    "I have worked with Tasker Stone on many projects and they are always first on my list when I have a print enquiry. Not only are the costs always extremely competitive, the service is second to none. Their attention to detail, extensive print experience and in-depth knowledge of the charity sector always ensures I feel as though I am in safe hands and maximising every penny of my budget."

    Jennifer, Marketing Officer for Combat Stress explains how she gets great value for money by working with Tasker Stone.

    "We have been working with the Tasker Stone for a number of years and have always valued their knowledge and expertise. By using a print management company to handle our work, we are guaranteed both quality and value for money, which is very important working in the Charity Sector. Occasionally, new print suppliers will come our way and we always give suppliers the opportunity to pitch for print work, but no one can beat Tasker Stone on price, and more importantly, quality."


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